Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Word Study Again!

Dear Families,

Thank you first of all for helping us make this pilot year of our ameliorated word study for spelling and phonics instruction program work! All your volunteering and patience has made the effort worthwhile. Plus, our students are making tremendous leaps and gains in their understanding of the conventions and structure of the English language!

Second, we have been working on experimenting with schedule shift and constantly reassessing the model. We tried to break up the Word Study groups into two sections (one on Wednesday and one on Thursday) and found that it was not as time efficient as we had hoped. *So, we are back to ALL the word study groups on Wednesdays.*

That said, our volunteer schedule on our web page “wiki” has been updated to reflect this shift. If you have signed up to volunteer, can you check your times and dates to make sure you are not a casualty of the changes? Or, if you notice a missing slot or two and have some time to offer, feel free to join us for a rousing adventure of words and their spellings, meanings and oddballs.

Here is the link:

Thank you for your time and consideration!!!

Lynnea and Amby